Answers to your questions ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS

1. Who is Context Engineering best suited for?

Actually anybody – a corporate; brand or service.

It helps if there is an issue to address – as one can see the results better. (See the section on ‘How we can help you’ for some suggestions).

The Context Engineering process is industry or category agnostic. So go ahead and see how it works for you.

2. Will you help identify my problem?

How do I refresh my brand in a meaningful manner for the people who use me – so that they keep using me? So, refreshment is not due to some pressure from competition or internal reasons but refreshment for the people whom we serve.

3. How does the process work?

We have a simple four-stage process.

We start with a client immersion – wherein we understand you and your organization; your brands; people; processes; the nature of your concern and past work and research that you may have undertaken.

The next phase is an assessment of the people that you wish to have a relationship with – and understanding them well. We often boost your understanding and research with a process that we have – exploring the consumer mind set in their natural habitat.

Next using our patented – Three Question approach – we create the strategy for you.

This could also lead to the creation of an innovation funnel – that goes beyond the immediate short term.

4. Will the Context Engineering cause a disruption to the process and departments already in my organization?

What we offer is a simple and new way of altering your business game plan without disrupting any existing processes and departments.

This entails a change of perspective.

Once one has embraced it fully and voluntarily – you can make any changes you feel necessary yourselves.

5. Who from my organization should interface with you?

While we work well with all levels of the organization – we prefer to engage with the CEO and/or Marketing/Departmental heads.

While we don’t cause changes in any of the current processes – since what we are suggesting is a change in perspective from the current to an ‘outside-in’ one – it generally requires an appreciation and experience that is found at senior levels. Moreover they can drive the change process downwards as time goes by and organizational confidence in Context Engineering and its delivery grows.

6. What will I get at the end of the interaction with Doing Think?

Through every stage of the interaction with us – one will get an appreciation of what is to be achieved at that stage – end of stage one – an assessment of you as an organization and a definition of the task at hand; after agreement we would proceed with understanding the key group or groups of people you should have a relationship with and what they are looking for – which is the output of this phase and the next output is the strategy – which as we said above could lead to briefs for delivery partners or an interaction with them right up to market delivery .

Often we are engaged beyond the immediate assignment on a longer-term perspective – creating the funnel for future innovations – and that becomes the output as the assignment rolls out.

7. Can I use Doing Think for a project or for how long do I need to engage you?

It depends on the task that you challenge us with. Some challenges are time specific and hence a project engagement is better. For some a longer perspective is needed.

We are happy to work on both

8. Does Doing Think also help create the output of the strategy you suggest? Like advertising or digital or research?

Doing Think is a strategic organization – our output is a strategy – however due to our many years of experience in handling brands and services we have knowledge and contacts and offer the best of them – who we call Friends of Doing Think – they can be introduced to you to work with us on the strategic solution and delivery – but that is not mandatory.

We can work with any partners.

One can also engage Friends of Doing Think – independently.

There are two ways that we can engage with a partner. We can help you create the brief and monitoring parameters and then let you engage on your own. Or if you wish we could help through the creation process by being a sounding board and co-evaluator of output – the call is yours.

9. How do you charge?

We charge basis the nature of engagement – hence it could be a project fee for a duration of defined months or in case of longer interactions – a monthly retainer.