After spending about 60 + combined years watching strategy being created, we came to the conclusion that we were doing it all wrong. The big challenge facing business today is commoditization of products and services. Technological advantages if any are easily replicable in the short run. Differences are odious or meaningless and when they are forced they are based on price, which leads to reducing bottom lines and no great advantage. Innovations are driven by fear of obsolescence or competitive pressure. People decide when to enter a product category and when to exit, making the relationship very transactional.

Thus the only way to gain a competitive business advantage is to build a relationship with those who consume your product or service and look at business from their perspective.

This is what we call Context Engineering. Simply put, it is looking at business from the outside-in. Focusing on those who we have, or wish to have, a relationship with. Understanding them and their lives, wishes, desires and beliefs. Understanding the role our brand or service plays in their lives and how we can engineer an advantage for ourselves in order to continue to be of service to them. And in doing so, creating a competitive business advantage for our brand and an innovation funnel going forward, based on what they want.